Terra Firma actvities are as the name suggests, land based, generally not involving water, but require initiative, enthusiasm and cunning (cheating in some people's language).

The sessions can last from two to three hours, approximately and may include a refreshment break for morning/afternoon tea - courtesy of our good selves.

We facilitate activities which include a mix of puzzles and mental challenges. These activities do not require any significant level of physical fitness, but require decision making, co-operation, enthusiasm and cunning.

We promise laughter and fun and a commitment to involve everyone in a safe and supportive environment. The number of activities we complete during this period may vary depending on how each activity evolves.

Kenny at KG Kayaks is always happy to discuss options, venues and pricing.

Previous clients include local businesses such as Norske Skog, Easten Bay Energy Trust, Trade Education and Environment Bay of Plenty.

Contact us for further details and prices